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This page contains links to bibliographies of relevant published research in the area of knowledge commons and related fields. The bibliographies include both case studies of knowledge commons and theoretical and conceptual research.

The initial public versions of the bibliographies are being shared as of September 2021. They will be updated from time to time.

Each bibliography is organized via Zotero, an open source reference management tool, for each of use, including exporting. To access and use the bibliographies, visitors will need to create an account at Zotero. Zotero accounts are free.

Click “Launch bibliography” to access the related Zotero collection of research. To suggest additional entries, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

[1] Knowledge Commons Case Studies: Examining knowledge commons in wide range of settings and sectors.

[2] Data Commons Case Studies: Knowledge commons case studies involving data resources, including medical commons, agricultural and food commons, commons in natural and physical sciences.

[3] Knowledge abundance and scarcity: Research on the implications of abundant knowledge and information resources for governance, and distinctions between governance of abundant resources and scarce or depletable/subtractable resources.

[4] Infrastructure: Knowledge commons research related to infrastructural resources.

[5] Intellectual Production without Intellectual Property (IP without IP): Case studies of community-based knowledge sharing via social norms rather than via formal intellectual property law.

[6] Theoretical and conceptual descriptions of knowledge commons, including the GKC framework.

[7] The complete GKC bibliography (all of the above).

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