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Getting Started: the Governing Knowledge Commons (GKC) Framework

Here are excellent starting points for understanding the GKC research framework and getting started on GKC-themed research:

The Foundational GKC Papers

Michael J. Madison, Brett M. Frischmann & Katherine J. Strandburg. 2010. “Constructing Commons in the Cultural Environment.” Cornell Law Review. 95(4): 657-709

Commentary on that article:

Michael J. Madison, Brett M. Frischmann & Katherine J. Strandburg. 2009. “The University as Constructed Cultural Commons.” Washington University Journal of Law and Policy. 30: 365-406

Related Knowledge Commons Scholarship

Bibliography of Knowledge Commons Case Studies and Related Scholarship

Access Zotero-based libraries of journal articles and books about knowledge commons and related topics.

Knowledge Management Initiative

Beginning in 2022, researchers associated with the Workshop on Governing Knowledge Commons are building an open archive of research materials related to knowledge commons case studies, to help future researchers understand ongoing knowledge commons projects, help with meta-analysis, facilitate comparisons among cases, and improve the quality of knowledge commons research overall.

The archive is housed in the Illinois Data Bank and the IDEALS Institutional Repository at the University of Illinois.

Materials being collected and contributed include survey protocols, codebooks, interview transcripts, computational scripts, project papers and research results, network files, and figures.

To learn more about the Initiative, including how to contribute to it and how to access it, contact any of the four leaders of the Workshop.