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GKC Book Series

Cambridge University Press (CUP) supports a book series on research in knowledge commons, titled the “Cambridge Studies on Governing Knowledge Commons.” The CUP homepage for the series is here.

The series editors are Brett Frischmann (Villanova University), Michael Madison (University of Pittsburgh), Madelyn Sanfilippo (University of Illinois), and Katherine Strandburg (New York University).

The initial book in the series is Governing Medical Knowledge Commons, published in 2017. Two additional books in the series have been accepted for publication and are forthcoming in 2020. One concerns privacy and security commons and is being edited by Madelyn Sanfilippo, Katherine Strandburg, and Brett Frischmann. The second concerns knowledge commons in the context of firms and markets, and is being edited by Edwin Dekker and Pavel Kuchar.

The editors are actively seeking proposals for new research-based books on knowledge commons, for publication in the series. Knowledge commons research is a broad and inclusive field, directed both to institutions for sharing and governing knowledge, information, and data and also to institutions in which knowledge and information resources are linked to material resources.

Relevant empirical work may include studies of “science commons”; “data commons”; “food commons”; “urban commons”; material and cultural infrastructures; libraries, archives, and cultural heritage institutions; and platforms and networks.

Relevant theoretical work may include relationships among knowledge sharing institutions and markets, firms, and states. Historical perspectives as well as contemporary applications will be considered. Research may be grounded in social science methods, humanities methods, and/or methods associated with one or more professions, such as law, management, or public health.

These are examples only. Novel and exploratory applications of knowledge commons analysis are encouraged.

Regardless of method or application, in some respect the proposed work should be grounded in the Governing Knowledge Commons research framework, described elsewhere on this website.

Preliminary expressions of interest are especially welcome. Researchers interested in discussing a possible book to be included in the GKC series at CUP should contact any of the series editors.